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All About Family Guy

written by: MoeGirl82
Lots of random trivia about the Family Guy universe. Good Luck!

Question 1:

What was Family Guy character Mr. Weed wearing in the kitchen in the episode in which he was invited to the Griffins' house for dinner?
white underwear
a red shirt
cowboy boots
blue socks

Question 2:

Where did Peter pretend to be deaf in the animated sitcom Family Guy?
He has never pretended to be deaf.
in bed, with Lois
at the airport
at the drug store

Question 3:

What does Peter offer to Lois when he worked as a hooker on the TV show Family Guy?
free sex for 5 minutes
an unforgettable night
a BJ for 2 nights at Caesars in Vegas
a Cleveland steamer

Question 4:

On the TV show Family Guy, what did Stewie have Brian write about when he thought he was about to die from cancer?
the Evil Monkey
a squiggly line
a chipmunk
a peanut

Question 5:

What happens to Chris when he spawns up the stream like a salmon on the TV show Family Guy?
He gets caught by a fisherman.
He ends up out of the water and suffocates.
He finds a salmon mate.
A bear catches him.

Question 6:

What do Bill Clinton and Peter DON'T do together in the Family Guy episode "Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey"?
Have sex
Smoke Pot
Eat a pig
Play Dance Dance Revolution

Question 7:

Complete this line from Family Guy and name the character who delivered it: "Um, you know feel free to say no to this but ..."
"would you tickle my coin purse?" Chris
"would you mind shaving my coin purse?" Stewie
"would you pet my coin purse?" Peter
"would you scratch my coin purse?" Brian

Question 8:

How did Peter, the protagonist of Family Guy, meet Brian?
None of these
The former neighbors left Brian behind when they moved.
It is never explained.
Brian was cleaning Peter's windshield for money.

Question 9:

What TV star does Meg worship in the Family Guy episode "The Story on Page One"?
Luke Perry
Tom Cruise
Neil Patrick Harris
Joey Lawrence

Question 10:

In an episode of the TV show Family Guy, Brian caught Meg kissing the TV screen. Whose image was she kissing?
Luke Perry
Bill Cosby
Dan Rather
Tom Tucker

Question 11:

Finish this Family Guy quote: "Holy crip, he's a ______."

Question 12:

Lois is playing the piano at the beginning of the Family Guy theme song.

Question 13:

What did Peter discover in his back yard in the Family Guy episode "Petergiest"?
a necklace
an Indian skull
a long lost Shakespeare sonnet book
a bone Brian had buried

Question 14:

In an episode of Family Guy, Peter accused his doctor of molesting him when undergoing this type of medical test.
Prostate Exam
Flu Shot
Checking for STDS
Blood Test


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