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Academy Awards #9 and #10

written by: thaibob
It would be best to start with the 1st Academy Award Quiz (Academy Awards #1- #5) and work your way up. Otherwise you may get confused and you won't get the feeling of travelling along with the Academy to its present day position.

Question 1:

This was the first film to receive nominations in all 4 acting categories but not for Best Picture. It didn't win any award.
The Gorgeous Hussy
Pigskin Parade
San Francisco
My Man Godfrey

Question 2:

Who won the award for Best Actress in "The Great Ziegfeld" at the 9th Academy Awards?
Lupita Tovar
Luise Rainer
Ruth Gruber
Carla Laemmle

Question 3:

The 9th Academy Awards saw a film get 7 nominations and win only one. What film was it?
A Tale of Two Cities
Born to Dance
Anthony Adverse

Question 4:

Which two awards were introduced at the 9th Academy Awards?
Best Live Action Short Film, One-Reel -- Best Live Action Short Film, Two-Reel
Best Supporting Actor -- Best Supporting Actress
Best Score -- Best Dance Direction
Best Story -- Best Song

Question 5:

Which famous comedian hosted the 9th Academy Awards?
George Jessel
George Burns
Fred Allen
Milton Berle

Question 6:

Which is the only Marx Brothers film that was nominated for an Academy Award and it didn't win?
Animal Crackers
Duck Soup
A Day at the Races
Horse Feathers

Question 7:

What film became the first one to receive 10 Academy Award nominations?
A Star Is Born
The Life of Emile Zola
Lost Horizon
Captains Courageous

Question 8:

This was the first actor/actress to win 2 Academy Awards in consecutive years.
Bette Davis
Luise Rainer
Spencer Tracy
Paul Muni

Question 9:

What was the first color film to receive a Best Picture nomination?
The Wizard of Oz
A Star is Born
Song of the Flame
The Four Feathers

Question 10:

The 10th Academy presented Honorary Awards to 3 people. Who's the odd man out?
Edgar Bergen
Mack Sennett
Darryl F. Zanuck
W. Howard Greene

Question 11:

Who was the host of the 10th Academy Awards?
Bob Hope
Bob Burns
George Jessel
George Burns

Question 12:

The 10 Academy Awards were delayed a week from March 3, 1938 to March 10, 1938. Why?
There was a strike by train conductors.
There was heavy flooding in Los Angeles.
Due to faulty refrigeration, food poisoning hit many of the major hotels.
The venue was the Biltmore Hotel and it had not finished refurbishing the ballroom.


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