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Academy Awards #35 and #36

written by: thaibob
It would be best to start with the 1st Academy Award Quiz (Academy Awards #1- #5) and work your way up. Otherwise you may get confused and you won't get the feeling of travelling along with the Academy to its present day position.

Question 1:

Miyoshi Umeki is found one time on the list of celebrities at the 35th Academy Awards. Where is she found?
in the category Best Supporting Actress for "Sayonara"
in the category Best Supporting Actress for "Flower Drum Song"
as the Presenter of Best Foreign Language Film
as the Presenter of the Documentary Awards

Question 2:

Which of the couples below were co-presenters at the 35th Academy Awards?
Sophia Loren and Maximilian Schell
Gene Kelly and Ginger Rogers
Audrey Hepburn and Eva Marie Saint
Olivia de Havilland and Van Heflin

Question 3:

Which one of the films below had 2 Academy Award nominations at the 35th ceremony?
My Geisha
Taras Bulba
David and Lisa

Question 4:

"Lawrence of Arabia" won 7 out of 10 Academy Awards at the 35th ceremony. It was nominated for all of the awards below. Which one did it win?
Best Actor
Best Film Editing
Best Supporting Actor
Best Adapted Screenplay

Question 5:

Which of the following did NOT happen at the 35th Academy Awards ceremony?
"Mutiny on the Bounty" became the first remake to a previous Best Picture winner to be nominated for Best Picture.
Anne Bancroft won Best Actress for "The Miracle Worker" but could not attend and her award was accepted by Arthur Penn who directed the film.
Joan Crawford was infuriated when Bette Davis was nominated for an Oscar and she was overlooked.
Host Frank Sinatra nearly missed the show because he forgot his parking sticker, parked his car elsewhere and ran making it just in time.

Question 6:

Who won the Academy's Honorary Award at the 35th ceremony?
John Chambers for outstanding makeup
Onna White for choreography achievements
Cary Grant for the respect and admiration of his colleagues
No award was presented

Question 7:

Which of the statements below is FALSE concerning the 36th Academy Awards?
"Tom Jones" had 3 nominations in the Best Supporting Actress category.
It was the first time an African American won in the category Best Actor.
Margaret Rutherford at 71 set a record for oldest winner in the Best Supporting Actress category.
It was the first time a winning film (The Critic) had been aired on network television prior to the ceremony.

Question 8:

At the 36th Academy Awards ceremony "Tom Jones" won for Best Picture and Best Director as well as these 2 other awards.
Best Art Direction, Color and Best Original Score
Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Art Direction, Color
Best Cinematography, Color and Best Costume Design, Color
Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Original Score

Question 9:

Andy Williams sang two of the songs that were nominated for Best Original Song at the 36th Academy Awards. Of the 5 songs nominated, which 2 did he sing?
"More" from Mondo cane - and - "Charade" from Charade
"So Little Time" from 55 Days at Peking - and - "More" from Mondo cane
"It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" from It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World - and - "Call Me Irresponsible" from Papa's Delicate Condition
"Call Me Irresponsible" from Papa's Delicate Condition - and - "Charade" from Charade

Question 10:

During the presentations at the 36th Academy awards, there were 3 couples that were co-presenters. Which couple presented their awards alone at the 36th ceremony?
Joan Crawford and Rita Hayworth (Presenters: Best Director)
Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra (Presenter: Music Awards)
Anne Baxter and Fred MacMurray (Presenter: Best Art Direction-Set Decoration)
Steve McQueen and Tuesday Weld (Presenter: Sound Awards)

Question 11:

All of the films below were nominated for 2 Academy Awards at the 36th ceremony. Which pair won one award each?
55 Days at Peking; Bye Bye Birdie
This Sporting Life; Twilight of Honor
A New Kind of Love; Sundays and Cybele
None of these won an Oscar.

Question 12:

Below you see a film and the number of nominations it received at the 36th Academy Awards. Which of the films received one Oscar?
The Cardinal - 6
Love with the Proper Stranger - 5
America, America - 4
Captain Newman - 3


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