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Academy Awards #33 and #34

written by: thaibob
It would be best to start with the 1st Academy Award Quiz (Academy Awards #1- #5) and work your way up. Otherwise you may get confused and you won't get the feeling of travelling along with the Academy to its present day position.

Question 1:

Where were the 33rd Academy Awards held?
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
RKO Pantages Theater
Shrine Auditorium
Grauman's Chinese Theater

Question 2:

Which statement is FALSE about "The Apartment" at the 33rd awards?
It was the only film to receive 10 nominations.
It was the last black and white film to win Best Picture in that era.
It won the most awards with 5.
It won Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay.

Question 3:

Which of the following did NOT receive an award at the 33rd ceremony?
Sol Lesser
Oliver Hardy
Gary Cooper
Stan Laurel

Question 4:

Below are 4 films with the number of nominations they received at the 33rd ceremony plus the number of Oscars won, if any. Which movie is NOT correctly matched with the number of nominations and awards?
Sons and Lovers - 7/0
The Sundowners - 5/0
The Alamo - 7/1
Pepe - 7/0

Question 5:

"Exodus" was nominated for three Academy Awards at the 33rd ceremony, one of which was for Best Supporting Actor. Although he didn't win, who was the nominee from these actors, all of which were in the film?
Peter Lawford
Sal Mineo
Lee J. Cobb
Ralph Richardson

Question 6:

If I were to name Viola Lawrence and Al Clark plus Robert Lawrence, what category at the 33rd Academy Awards would I be referring to?
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Visual Effects
Best Film Editing
Best Costume Design, Color

Question 7:

"West Side Story" won for Best Picture at the 34th Academy Award ceremony but it failed to even be nominated in 2 of the other big 5 categories. Which nominations did it NOT receive?
Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress
Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor
Best Actor and Best Actress
Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress

Question 8:

Of the 4 films listed 3 won 2 Academy Awards at the 34th ceremony but which film won only one?
The Hustler
Breakfast at Tiffany's
The Guns of Navarone
Judgment at Nuremberg

Question 9:

What statement is true about the number of nominees for the Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects and Best Documentary Feature at the 34th ceremony?
There was 1 nominee for both awards.
There were 2 nominees for both awards.
There were 4 nominees for both awards.
There were 3 nominees for both awards.

Question 10:

"La Dolce Vita" was nominated for 4 Academy Awards at the 34th ceremony. Which statement is FALSE concerning this film?
It was nominated for Best Original Screenplay but failed to win.
It won for Best Costume Design, Black and White.
Federico Fellini was nominated for Best Director but failed to win.
It was nominated for Best Picture but failed to win.

Question 11:

All of the following were nominated for an Academy Award at the 34th ceremony but one of the pairings is wrong. Which one?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)
Lotte Lenya – The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (Best Supporting Actress)
Lover Come Back – Stanley Shapiro and Paul Henning (Best Adapted Screenplay)
Paris Blues – Duke Ellington (Best Musical Score)
Stuart Whitman – The Mark (Best Actor)

Question 12:

All but one of the directors below were nominated for the Best Director Oscar at the 34th ceremony which was won by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise for "West Side Story". Who is the ringer in the bunch?
Robert Rossen
Billy Wilder
J. Lee Thompson
Stanley Kramer


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