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1960's British Invasion In Music

written by: billstar
The Beatles and The Rolling Stones led the British invasion in American pop culture in the mid-1960's. Here's some bits about some of the other bands and songs of that period.

Question 1:

This was the second band to be signed up by Brian Epstein. Their first three singles all went to # 1 in the U.K. - a feat not even accomplished by The Beatles.
The Seekers
Gerry and the Pacemakers
Dave Clark Five
The Searchers

Question 2:

Who was the lead singer and songwriter of The Kinks, an English band whose early hits included "You Really Got Me” and "All Day and All of the Night"?
Dave Davies
John Mayall
Peter Frampton
Ray Davies

Question 3:

The Animals, led by the Eric Burdon, broke on to the scene with this hit song.
"House of the Rising Sun"
"Sympathy for the Devil"
"For Your Love"
"Ferry Cross the Mersey"

Question 4:

Early members of this band, famous for the hit "Itchykoo Park", went on to play with The Who and Humble Pie.
Herman's Hermits
The Small Faces
The Yardbirds
The Foundations

Question 5:

The members of this band, managed by Brian Epstein, were practitioners of the Mersey Beat. The first three singles released by this band were all tunes written by the Beatles.
Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas
The Hollies
Manfred Mann
The Turtles

Question 6:

Peter Asher & Gordon Waller - known as Peter & Gordon - had a string of hits such as "World Without Love" and "Nobody I Know". In addition to recording a few Lennon/McCartney songs, Peter Asher knew Paul McCartney well for another reason. What was it?
Paul was dating Peter's sister.
They were classmates.
Asher and McCartney were cousins.
They grew up on the same street.

Question 7:

Paul Jones was the first lead singer of this group that had a hit with "Do Wah Diddy Diddy". Next in line was Mike D'Abo.
The Searches
The Guess Who
Manfred Mann
The Who

Question 8:

What was Dave Clark’s position in the Dave Clark 5 band?
Lead guitarist
Keyboard player
Lead singer

Question 9:

Graham Nash, who later would go on to fame and fortune with David Crosby and Stephen Stills, was guitarist and vocalist for this group.
Ian Matthews Band
The Zombies
The Hollies
Whole Earth Band

Question 10:

Known for their orchestral rock sound as seen in "Nights in White Satin" and "Tuesday Afternoon", the Moody Blues had a hit in 1965 with which of these songs?
"Do the Freddy"
"Silence is Golden"
"Lady Jane"
"Go Now"


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