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1950s TV Shows That Lasted Less Than a Year

written by: thaibob
During the 40s, TV was just beginning to get its legs under it. By the 50s, you would imagine that they should have had some semblance of what was good and what was bad. As you'll see, it just wasn't so.

Question 1:

This British TV show, starring Michael Carr Hartley and Ronald Adam, showed a great similarity to the Tarzan movies.
Jungle Boy and the Diamonds
Runaway Boy
Adventures of a Jungle Boy
Meet Jungle Boy

Question 2:

This anthology series aired from October 2, 1951 to December 25, 1951 on the Dupont Network.
Somerset Maugham TV Theatre
Crawford Mystery Theatre
Cosmopolitan Theatre
Cavalier Theatre

Question 3:

This American game show lasted from October 22 to November 26, 1953 and was the first attempt by creator/producers Jack Barry and Dan Enright. Joey Adams was the emcee, along with Hope Lange and Al Kelly as his assistants. The announcer was Carl Caruso.
Winner Take All
Pick the Winner
Back the Fact
Pantomime Quiz

Question 4:

This anthology series lasted 13 weeks on ABC from October 7 to December 30, 1954. The first episode was introduced by then Postmaster General Arthur Summerfield.
The Mail Story
Mail Fraud Stories
The History of Mail
Pony Express

Question 5:

This sitcom was so bad that the sponsor cancelled it after 3 episodes ( October 5 to October 19, 1952) and replaced it with "Mr. Peepers".
Doc Corkle
Mayor of the Town
Ethel and Albert
Johnny Staccato

Question 6:

This drama series ran from June 25, 1954 to February 11, 1955 and starred Robert Carroll who helped those in distress.
Gray Ghost
Turn of Fate
The Stranger

Question 7:

This western series starred Michael Ansara from October 1, 1959 until May 5, 1960. It was distinctive as it starred a native American as the lead character. A few of the guest stars were Denver Pyle, Lee Van Cleef, Robert Vaughn (as Teddy Roosevelt), and Wayne Rogers of "M.A.S.H." fame.
The Westerner
Law of the Plainsman
Black Saddle
Brave Eagle

Question 8:

This was an American children's Western series running from May 18, 1958 to December 28, 1958. It starred Alan Hale, Jr., Dub Taylor and Bobby Clark.
The Quaker Oats Show
The Marshal Of Gunsight Pass
Action In The Afternoon
Casey Jones

Question 9:

This ethnic sitcom endured from September 12, 1953 to December 26, 1953. It aired live on NBC and featured an opera singer trying to raise 6 children after their mother's death.

Question 10:

This sports series from the DuMont network ran from September 15, 1952 to December 22, 1952. It showed memorable boxing matches from the past.
International Boxing Club Bouts
Famous Fights From Madison Square Garden
Boxing from St. Nicholas Arena
Boxing From Eastern Parkway


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