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1940s TV Shows That Lasted Less Than a Year

written by: thaibob
This should be a real test of your TV knowledge but some of us oldies out there might be able to squeak out an answer or two or three, etc.

Question 1:

This show, which started on radio in 1924 as "National Barn Dance", featured country and western music plus a little folk music here and there. The hosts were Hal O'Halloran and Jack Stillwell. It went from February 21, 1949 to November 14, 1949.
ABC Barn Dance
National Barn Dance
Country Barn Dance
Hal and Jack's Barn Dance

Question 2:

One of the first fashion shows, it started on the Dumont Network and aired from November 4, 1948 to April 24, 1949. Then it switched to ABC and was broadcast from April 27 to June 29, 1949. Its hostess was Adelaide Hawley Cumming.
Fashions on Parade
Fashion Parade
Fashions for the Modern Woman
Parade of Fashions

Question 3:

The idea of this show was to highlight new talent. It got good reviews starting off but lasted just a little over a month. It aired on ABC from October 16, 1949 through November 27. Patti Brill, Warde Donovan and, Roland Dupree were the hosts/stars.
Let There Be Stars
Admiral Presents the Five Star Revue - Welcome Aboard
Stars Of Tomorrow
Cavalcade of Stars

Question 4:

This talk show about teenage books lasted for two months starting on 27 August 1948.
Books for Teenagers
Teenagers and Books
Teenage Book Club
Books for Teens

Question 5:

This was the first TV soap opera broadcast on American TV. It ran on the Dumont Television Network from October 2, 1946 to December 18, 1946. The stars were Flora Campbell, Mel Brandt and Julie Christy. It concerns a widowed New Yorker who moves far away to be near her relatives.
Far and Away
Faraway Valley
Faraway Hill
Faraway Mountain

Question 6:

This was an anthology series that lasted on ABC for 6 episodes from September 23 to November 4, 1949. Different characters were shown in each episode. Two of the episodes featured Hans Conried.
Mystery Theater
The Silver Theater
Chevrolet Tele-Theater
Oboler Comedy Theater

Question 7:

This all-black variety show on CBS-TV lasted from September 13 to October 20, 1949. During that time it changed its name to "Harlem Jubilee" and then to "Sugar Hill Times". One of the performers was Harry Belafonte.
Uptown Jubilee
Downtown Jubilee
Sugar Hill Jubilee
Sugar Time

Question 8:

This show featured fashion tips with guests who chatted with host Maxine Barrat (who had appeared as herself in MGM's 1943 film Thousands Cheer). It ran from March 15, 1949 to January 2, 1950.
Fashion House
Life & Style
Full Frontal Fashion
And Everything Nice

Question 9:

This game show lasted from December 27, 1946 until its cancellation in mid 1947. It stared Bob Haymes and Eva Marie Saint and took place in a soda shop.
Cross Question
Campus Hoopla
Movieland Quiz
Charade Quiz

Question 10:

This mystery show was originally aired locally in Chicago in 1947 and to find out what happened, you had to buy the Chicago Tribune, which owned WGN-TV, the next day. It aired nationally, still from Chicago, on the Dumont Network and lasted from September 11, 1949 to July 23, 1950.
Man Against Crime
Mystery Theater
Chicagoland Mystery Players


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