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10 Wicked Ones

written by: Gilligan
In this quiz, we'll look at some of history's most sinister figures. From serial killers to bloodthirsty dictators, they're all here. There's a warm spot in you-know-where for the cast of characters in this quiz!

Question 1:

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This pirate and 450 of his men invaded Porto Belo, Panama in 1668. Once the city was sacked, the raping, torturing and murdering continued for 14 days! One of the most horrific invasions in recorded history - the pirates even used Jesuit priests as human shields.
Davy Jones
William Kidd
Henry Morgan

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Question 2:

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This vicious ruler's preferred means of execution was impalement. In 1460, he is purported to have impaled 10,000 people in a circular pattern surrounding Transylvania.
Ivan the Terrible
Sigismund III
Vlad Dracula

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Question 3:

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This notorious master of the occult was called "The Wickedest Man In the World" by the British press, or simply "The Beast" . His writings in the early 20th century, promote not only the occult, but also child abuse, drug use, racism, sexism and murder.
Lord Byron
Aleister Crowley
Sir Francis Drake
Arthur Conan Doyle

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Question 4:

View the provided image.
Out of a population of 7 million, this Cambodian dictator killed as many as 2.3 million people. The genocide became the subject of the 1984 film, The Killing Fields.
Mao Zedong
Idi Amin
Ho Chi Minh
Pol Pot

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Question 5:

View the provided image.
This person may hold the record for the most murders directly committed by a single person in history. At the turn of the 19th century, it is believed that he personally strangled to death 931 individuals. He was so notorious that his name became part of the English language as a term for a ruffian or miscreant.
Franklin Vandal
Thug Behram
Joe Palooka
Nat Hooligan

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Question 6:

View the provided image.
It is believed that this 16th century countess personally killed over 600 young women. At her arrest, she was charged with mutilating, starving, and freezing to death her victims.
Maria II of Portugal
Elizabeth Báthory of Hungary
Élisabeth Charlotte of Orléans
Mary I of England

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Question 7:

View the provided image.
According to the Book of Genesis, this individual is mankind's first murderer.

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Question 8:

View the provided image.
This Roman Emperor referred to himself as a god, killed for amusement, carried on incestuous relationships with his sisters, and turned his palace into a brothel until his assassination in 41 AD.

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Question 9:

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In 1892, this person was accused of killing her father and stepmother with a hatchet. She was acquitted, but no one else was arrested and speculations about her guilt were a national phenomenon comparable to the O. J. Simpson case.
Typhoid Mary
Lizzie Borden
Elise Keaton
The Black Dahlia

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Question 10:

View the provided image.
In 1483, this man became Inquisitor General of Spain. He was called the "hammer of the heretics" and tortured and killed countless citizens. He was overtly anti-Semitic and utilized various modes of torture and "execution by fire" extensively and without any judicial proceedings.
Pablo Escobar
Tomás de Torquemada
Sebastián de Olmedo
Francisco Goya

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