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Authors Who Hated the Movie Adaptations of Their Works
Here are some creators who distance themselves as much as possible from the movie adaptations of their works.
  Eve 4 days ago Easy 0 NR (0 times)
Historical Figures Nicknames
Check how well you know the real names behind these historical nicknames.
  Eve Apr 4, 2018 Easy 1 NR (0 times)
Geography Quiz
Check your general knowledge of geography. This quiz contains 10 geography-related questions. Test your knowledge on general geography.
  Eve Mar 30, 2018 Easy 2 NR (0 times)
Coups and Revolutions Throughout History
Test your knowledge of political revolutions that changed history. We will explore some of the uprisings that left their mark on history.
  Eve Mar 13, 2018 Easy 0 NR (0 times)
Best Female Authors of All Time
This quiz is dedicated to inspiring women novelists who turned the pages of history. These are some of the most accomplished female authors all all time.
  Eve Mar 13, 2018 Easy 1 NR (0 times)
Academy Awards 2018
This quiz checks your knowledge of movies, actors and directors honored at the 90th Academy Awards. The 2018 Oscars were were held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles.
  Eve Mar 13, 2018 Easy 2 NR (0 times)
How I Met Your Mother - Characters
Let's explore the characters of the popular sitcom, "How I Met Your Mother". Challenge accepted? Awesome!
    rcbgalido Mar 13, 2018 Average 5 5.0000 (1 times)
Celebrity Deaths - 2017
This quiz will be about celebrities who unfortunately passed away in 2017. I have given you ten questions, now you have to give me ten answers. I have done my part and now it's up to you, to do your part. Good luck and start quizzing!
    sanitation Feb 21, 2018 Average 16 5.0000 (12 times)
Famous Nonviolent Protests Throughout History
This trivia quiz examines some of the most famous acts of nonviolent resistance. See if these history questions will stump you.
  Eve Feb 15, 2018 Easy 0 NR (0 times)
What Athlete Are You - Photo Quiz
I will be cropping some of these sports pics in this quiz. All you have to do is tell me who the famous athlete is in the picture. Sounds easy, right? Good luck and start quizzing !
    sanitation Feb 13, 2018 Average 11 4.9091 (11 times)

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