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Quiz Author Avg Rating (times) Played by members Difficulty Online since
1970's Television Shows
The quiz title pretty much sums it up here. I will give you a description of a television show and you have to tell me what the name of the show is. Sounds easy, right? If you are a fan of watching television, especially shows from years ago, you shoul...
    sanitation 4.7903 (62 times) 302 Easy Dec 11, 2008
These "Hits" (Kept Us) "Wild & Free" In '73
This quiz is about the great music from the year 1973. I gave you 1975 and 1974 and you asked me for more. Like I emphasized in my other 70's music quizzes, I am a big fan of this decade and I am hoping that you are too. You know the drill. I provide ...
    sanitation 4.7885 (52 times) 295 Easy Aug 22, 2007
These "Hits" (Kept Us) "Alive" In '75
This quiz is going to be based on #1 hits from the year 1975. People say the 70's was absolutely the worst decade ever when it comes to music. I do not concur. I was a kid growing up in the 70's and I was absolutely smitten with it. I especially love t...
    sanitation 4.7759 (58 times) 298 Average Aug 14, 2007
Breakfast Cereal Mascots Photo Challenge
I know that everybody eats cereal for breakfast, but how well do you know your cereal? Are you the type of person that daydreams and reads the entire cereal box? If you are, then you better know the name of your mascots on the cereal boxes. For that ma...
    sanitation 4.7679 (56 times) 340 Easy Jul 2, 2008
These "Hits" (Kept Us) "Feelin' Fine" In '79
These songs were the best songs from the year 1979. Blondie, Rod Stewart, Cheap Trick and many others topped the charts with songs in this year. I will ask you various questions about songs and performers and you will have one job to do, that is answer...
    sanitation 4.7500 (56 times) 250 Easy Sep 9, 2007
"Yesterday's Songs" - Hits from 1982
This quiz is about music from 1982. Do you remember all the teenage girls going crazy over Rick Springfield? Everybody was playing Pac-Man, and there was even a song called "Pac-Man Fever". The song was a top ten hit for Buckner & Garcia. "Yesterday's ...
    sanitation 4.7500 (56 times) 290 Average Sep 19, 2007
Girls Who Rocked The 90's
This quiz is about female singers who made some kind of an impact in the 90's. They can be solo artists or part of a band. This should be pretty easy. I hope you know your 90's music. Good Luck!
    sanitation 4.7460 (63 times) 370 Easy May 14, 2007
"Holding Back the Years" Hit Music from 1986
This quiz will be about popular hits from the year 1986. Lots of things happened in 1986. The Mets won the World Series and then there was the "Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster". There were also some hit songs in 1986. While Robert Palmer was tell...
    sanitation 4.7400 (50 times) 271 Easy Oct 12, 2007
Girls Who Rocked the 80's
The title is pretty much self-explanatory. I will give you a song sung by a girl in the 80's and you will be expected to provide the answers. This quiz is about famous women singers from the 80's. Madonna, Chrissie Hynde, Belinda Carlisle, the list go...
    sanitation 4.7391 (69 times) 395 Easy May 7, 2007
Monsters, Inc.
This quiz is about the animated movie put out by Pixar Animation Studios, Monsters, Inc. I am sure that most of us have seen this great movie. Here are some questions. Let's see how well you do. Good Luck!
    sanitation 4.7358 (53 times) 416 Average Mar 6, 2007

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